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Variables & Helpers

Pages are rendered as an ERB templates before being (optionally) processed as markdown, and Lookbook makes a number of variables and helpers available that can be used to add dynamic content.


All pages have the following variables available for use in the page template:

page PageEntity

Object representing the current page

next_page PageEntity

Object representing the next page (if available)

previous_page PageEntity

Object representing the previous page (if available)

pages Array<PageEntity>

Array of all available pages

Page objects have access to the frontmatter variables for that page:

The page title is <%= page.title %>
Our brand color hex value is <%=[:brand_colors][:red] %>


The following helpers are available to use in your page templates.

embed (preview, scenario = nil, **opts)

Render a 'live' embed of a component preview.

If no scenario name is provided then the default (first) preview scenario will be rendered in the embed.


preview String

Name of the preview class to embed

scenario String

Example method name

opts Hash

Options hash

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